fall season in american sign language

How to sign Fall season in American Sign Language (ASL)

It is fall (autumn) season! Learn how to signs different words relating to the fall season! These are some of the essential terms (signs) that you should know as a beginner. In this signing video, you’ll learn how to sign fall, windy, cool, tree, leaf, green, orange, yellow, brown, and raking leaves in American Sign Langauge (ASL)!

Did you know? You can adjust the speed of this video! To do this, click the settings on the bottom right of the YouTube video, click “playback speed,” and adjust them to your liking. The dominant hand of this person in the video is right. Use your dominant hand when you are signing. If you are ambidextrous, pick one of your hands and stay with it.


Fall: With your non-dominant hand, put your arm across your chest (it represents a leaning tree). With your dominant hand, use closed 5 handshapes and move it down twice (representing falling leaves) 

Windy: With both hands, move your 5-handshapes from side to side in front of you 

Cool: Wave both 5-handshapes toward your face like you’re fanning yourself to cool down 

Tree: Squeeze the S handshape on your chin with your dominant hand

Leaf: Shake the G handshape with your dominant hand

Green: Shake the G handshape with your dominant hand

Yellow: Shake the Y handshape with your dominant hand

Orange:  Squeeze the S handshape on your chin with your dominant hand

Brown: Slide the B handshape down (from top to bottom) on your check with your dominant hand

Raking leaves: Place your non-dominant hand palm up. With your dominant hand, use a clawed-like 5-handshape and use a raking motion toward you. 


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