seasons in ASL

How to sign seasons in American Sign Language (ASL)

When learning American Sign Language (ASL), it is important to know the American Sign Language alphabet. You’ll come to learn that the handshapes of ASL alphabets are often included when learning to sign.

Let’s practice this! Learn how to sign different seasons in ASL, such as winter, spring, summer, and fall (autumn)! These are basic ASL signs that you should know, and you’ll notice it uses a lot of handshapes.

❄️🌼🌞🍂 Season

With your dominant hand, form an S-handshape. With your non-dominant hand, form 5-handshape and face it sideway (palm toward your S-handshape). Move your dominant hand forward in a circular motion one time. Your non-dominant hand stays still (stationary). 

❄️🥶 Winter

With both hands, form S-handshape and hold it in front of you and shake them, like you are shivering from the cold.

🌱🌼 Spring

With your non-dominant hand, form a C-handshape and have it face it sideways toward your other hand. With your dominant hand, make a squeezed 5-handshape (palm up), and make it “grows” by going through your C-handshape and spread out your 5-handshape. Use it in double motion. 

🌞🥵 Summer

With your dominant hand, place your index/”1″ handshape in the front of your forehead, and pull it across your forehead as you change to X handshape.

🌳🍂 Fall or Autumn

With your non-dominant hand, hold up a 5-handshape sideway (like an old leaning tree). With your dominant hand, which represents “falling leaves from the tree,” you’ll swipe down in double motion on your tree (non-dominant elbow).

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