Laura Bridgmn and Helen Keller

March 23, 2016
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by Annaleise

I had to pick both Laura Bridgmn and Helen Keller because both are amazing women who did amazing things. Before Deaf Culture was actually recognized as something every Deaf person had difficulties being educated and accepted into society. However these lady’s found a way to be educated and to learn to communicate with the world even though they were Deaf and blind. Now anyone who can do that deserves credit it doesn’t mater if they were the first or second, every person after them deserves just as much credit. Both of these women achieved something that many people probably assumed impossible.

I first heard about Helen Keller in on of my mom’s old books. I thought she was amazing and I couldn’t even imagine how hard it would have been for her. So when I saw her name on this page I though well I already know shes my fav, but knowing that their is another lady who achieved something just as great I couldn’t help but include her name to!!


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