Learn American Sign Language: ASL 3 – Unit 2 Sample

In this unit sample as you learn American Sign Language, you will be learning advanced role shifting techniques.

Role Shifting with an Object

Role shifting is also used to show “who did what to whom”. In this case, classifiers are normally used. You would use this for a sentence like, “I gave my sister the book and she took it” or “I spilled the drink all over my sister.”

In order to show this, you would:

  1. Indicate where the people are located
  2. Describe or tell what the object is
  3. Describe how the people are affected by the object
  4. Show results and/or the reactions of the people

This can be used to show objects being passed, tossed, or spilled between people.

Role Shifting with an Object Classifiers

In the video below, our signer will demonstrate various examples of classifiers used to describe role shifting with objects.

Role Shifting with an Object Examples

You can see examples of how to sign role shifting with an object in our full course.

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