Learn Sign Language Online: ASL 2 – Unit 10 Sample

In this unit sample as you learn sign language online, you will learn how to sign object locations.

Object Locations

Another way to practice classifiers and giving directions is by describing where an object is located. You would use this if you are asking someone to get it for you.

  • To describe the location of an object, you need to:
  • Identify the room where the object is (i.e. bedroom)
  • Visualize the room as if you are standing in the doorway
  • Identify the part of the room the object is in
  • Narrow down the location (i.e. next to the bed, in the nightstand, in the first drawer)
  • Identify the exact location of the object by pointing

Object Location Examples

You can view examples of how to sign object locations in our full course.

Object Locations Quiz

You can complete this quiz in our full course.

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