Learning ASL

by Devyn


I am a college student, almost finished with my 2nd semester of ASL. I absolutely love it. In fact I had just watched Through Deaf Eyes this week, for the first time. I agree, it was a very amazing film and an excellent educational tool! Along with college, I have put myself out there into a local Deaf community, have joined a Deaf forum community, I also watch Switched at Birth EVERY night (LOVED the ASL episode) and have purchased many books other than required text books to enhance my signing abilities and understanding of Deaf culture. I just love the language, history and culture!!!

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Feb 28, 2014

Helping the Deaf


by: Anonymous

Deaf people don’t NEED your help. Let that be a start.

Jun 06, 2013



by: Erika

You sound very much like me. Last semester, I completed an ASL 1 class at my college. I loved it, and now want to become a teacher of the deaf. I also have bought many extra books on ASL and Deaf culture. I love Switched at Birth as well, particularly the ASL episode. I have not however, interacted with the Deaf community at all yet. I haven’t joined a forum yet either, although I would like to. What forum did you join?

May 30, 2013

I love ASL


by: Anonymous

I am not a deaf person. But I am learning ASL. I’m as new as they come, I cant sign very much or very well. But I have a desire to help the deaf.
Got any tips?

I love your comments.


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