Learning Sign Language Online (ASL 2 – Unit 11)

October 1, 2010
Category: Free Classes

ASL 2 – Unit 11

Describing Objects

In this unit as you are learning sign language online, you will be learning how to describe objects.



Describing Objects

Another good way to practice using classifiers is to describe objects. You can use classifiers to show the size of objects as well as attachments or other features. You can also use certain mouth movements to show how small or large something is as well as use instrument classifiers to show how it is held or used.

To describe an object, you need to:

  • Identify what the object is (the name of the object)
  • Identify the color of the object and/or what it is made out of, if necessary
  • Use a classifier (and applicable mouth movements) to show the basic shape of the object
  • While using the basic shape classifier as a reference, use other classifiers to describe designs or attachments.
  • Use an instrument classifier to show how the object is used or held, if applicable

Describing Objects Practice 11.1

Turn to page 13 in your workbook. In the video below, Darcy will describe 5 objects. For each number, write the letter of the object described.

Notice how the objects are described, what classifiers are used, and how a reference point is kept. Go back and sign the descriptions for practice.