Learning Sign Language Online: ASL 4 – Unit 7 Sample

In this unit sample as you are learning sign language online, you will be learning how to tell stories with classifiers.

Storytelling with Classifiers Presentation

In the presentation below, you will watch a short story signed that uses classifiers.

Presentation Explained

Use the outline below to follow and make sure you fully understand the presentation and the classifiers that are used.

1.  Describes daughter

2. Describes daughter’s room

a.   Makeup Desk (CL:B)

b.   Jewelry (CL:1, CL:L, CL:G)

c.    Jewelry Box (CL:C, CL:S)

d.   Hooks for necklaces (CL:X)

e.   Perfumes (CL:A)

f.     Lipsticks (CL:1)

3.   Describes daughter’s dance studio

a.  Ballet bars (CL:O)

b.  Mirrors against the wall (CL:B)

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