Learning Sign Language Online Free (ASL 1 – Unit 14)

ASL 1 – Unit 14

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Congratulations! You have completed the StartASL.com ASL 1 class! I hope that you have learned everything you have wanted to learn in ASL 1 and that you enjoyed learning sign language online free.

Many new ASL students are very interested to know about your Start ASL class experience. Please take a couple minutes to pay it forward and share your experience with new students. It’s easy! Share your thoughts here!

You have truly done a great job. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to complete a self-study course. You are more than ready to continue on to ASL 2.


  1. tsheko

    it wasn’t an easy journey though am greatful for having given an opportunity to learn hand speaking for free.i m currently in a position to communicate with the deaf without that much limitation. ASL1 classes made me to get this far and kept me on track for continuity leaning