Linda Bove

October 1, 2015
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by Melissa

(Columbia, MS)

The person from Deaf History that I admire the most is Linda Bove. She frequently came into my living room via “Sesame Street”. She was kind and friendly and always ready to teach children new signs. To me, she seems like an old friend.

On one episode of “Sesame Street”, Big Bird got Linda a stereo for her birthday. Someone informed Big bird That a stereo was not an appropriate gift because Linda could not hear. However, Linda was not offended by the gift. She turned on the stereo and started dancing to the beat. Someone explained that Linda could feel the vibrations made by the music.

Because of Linda, I was not afraid to tell my friend Kevin’s mom he was playing with matches. I am just glad she could read four-year-old lips. Kevin and his family lived across the street. Both his parents were kind people and they were both deaf.

Because of Linda, I was not afraid to be friends with Rachelene in kindergarten. She was going deaf and could not speak clearly. She had to wear hearing aids in both ears. In 1973 hearing aids were big, bulky and unattractive.

Because of Linda, I am not afraid to take this class. Linda instilled in me a desire to learn sign language and be able to communicate with the deaf community. Until now I just didn’t know where to go to learn sign language.

Linda taught me that it is OK to be different. Each one of us is special in some way, but on the inside we are all people. We should all love, care for and respect each other.

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Sep 21, 2011

So touching.

by: Anonymous

Now I need to find that clip of Linda Bove on Sesame Street – It touches my heart. (:

Sep 02, 2011

Your writing style

by: Brenda Dawe

Wow! I not only agree with your choice of Linda Bove as a great Deaf American, I also think you expressed yourself with the best writing style of any submitted posts I’ve read on here (including my own. smile)

I love to teach ASL, but I respect the grammar and beauty of my own English language as well. You have composed in a tone and pattern that would make any Eng. Comp teacher proud.

I tell my students often they can’t possibly master a second language unless they embrace their native one first. I’d love to have you in my class.



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