Ludwig Van Beethoven

May 31, 2018
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By: Emily Keller (06/22/17)

My favorite deaf person in history would happen to be Ludwig Van Beethoven. I absolutely love music, and art, and to know that the famous Beethoven was deaf, yet still wrote the most intricate and melodious music will never cease to amaze me. We know that we hasn’t always deaf, but slowly decreased, until the point he could no longer hear. Some people refer to him as ‘Stone Deaf’, as there were some days where he admitted that he could pick up some words, near the end of his life. When he finally noticed that he really could not hear anymore, he decided to confide in a few, friends, saying: “I beg of you to keep the matter of my deafness a profound secret, to be confide to nobody, no matter whom…” It is clear that it truly hurt him, and I am sure that he was miserable, even thought it is recorded that he finally ‘accepted it’. I sometimes feel bad myself, that ASL was not yet created for poor Ludwig, because I believe that it would have made him a much more happier and pleasing man. It is said that Beethoven felt very alone, but when people wanted to speak with him, he had them write notes, and he would reply with notes as well. Ludwig Van Beethoven also made one of my favorite songs, “Fur Elise “, that can almost make you feel the misery Beethoven had for not only his lost ability, but the girl he hopelessly loved, but did not return the strong feelings that he gave so willingly. He also had a severe tinnitus, (the ringing of the ears,) which made it very difficult for him to appreciate the songs that he wrote. He began cutting himself off, scared to let anyone his awful secret. Beethoven will always be not only my favorite deaf person, but a reminder that even the most famous people in history had their hard times too, including being deaf.