Mabel Gardiner Hubbard Bell

July 20, 2015
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by Alan

(Sodus, NY USA)

Yes Bell ! The deaf wife of Alexander Graham Bell. She met “Alec” as a 15 year old medically deaf student in his oralism school. And the story begins in MAKE A JOYFUL SOUND, the authorized biography of Mabel and Alec by Helen Elmira Waite.

I fear this history has painted Mr. Bell with a biased brush. One of the most influential books I have ever read; it drove me to his museum in Baddeck, Nova Scotia on two separate trips. Mr. Bell connected Anne Sullivan with Helen Keller. He, and others were pioneers of ‘sound’ research and the book tells this story.

This is a wonderful love story and a biography of the lives of both Mabel and Alexander. Their children, Elsie May and Marian and their grandchildren were also very accomplished members of society. Gilbert Grosvenor married Elsie May and started the National Geographic Society.

Graham Bell personally taught Mabel to lip read and to refine her speech so no one could tell that she was totally deaf. As a ‘test’ of his oralism method he invited her to a formal society party with his critics and his friends (none of whom knew she was deaf).

I won’t ruin it for you to read – you can guess, she stole his heart.

I hope you can find this old book. L.of C. Catalog Card # 61-14958 (1961)


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