My Ancestor

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Rebecca


My favorite significant role in the history of sign language has to be my ancestor Helen Keller. She comes from my dad’s side of my family tree. It wasn’t easy finding out but when I did it was amazing how much I had found out about her and how much she had impacted so many people’s lives even though I may not be deaf or blind or whatever you don’t have to be to know sign language or braille.

For three years in middle school I had anyone out of thousands of famous people and still I chose her. Something about her just kept leading me on wanting to learn more and more but at this time what I didn’t know is I was related to her.

I think that sign language is in fact very important. In fact I use it in school all the time. Sure kids don’t know what I’m saying but the very few people that actually do makes it all that much more wild.


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