My favorite deaf educator is Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

March 8, 2013
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by Becca

(Paraguay, South America )

My favorite person in the history of deaf education is Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. What I admire most about him was the sacrifice he made for one little girl. I was impressed that he was interested in her life enough to go all the way to Europe to learn the best way to teach the deaf.

Not only did he learn how, but he also brought the skills back with him and used them to teach many deaf children. By doing this, he influenced many lives in a positive way.

I have always admired teachers who take the time to learn the best approach for the children they are teaching. To me that is what a lot of deaf educators have done. They saw a need, took the time to learn how to address that need, and had the dedication to carry out what they needed to do.

Reading about the people who taught the deaf in the past reminds me of those who continue to teach the deaf today. I have never had the opportunity to work in a deaf setting in the United States, but for about a year I volunteered at a deaf school in South America.

The teacher that I worked under was amazing. I admired her patience and love for the kids. She knows that each child responds to different techniques. Some of the kids only signed while others did a mixture of signing and speaking. One girl had a hearing aid and did some lip reading while another girl was completely deaf and used only sign. Marisol never forced a certain way on them but took the time to learn what worked best for them and used that.

I greatly admire those who have taught the deaf in the past and paved the way for deaf education in the present. I also admire those who continue to teach with patience and love.


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