My heart belongs to Abbe de L’EPee

March 8, 2013
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by Julieann

(La Carlota City, Philippines)

After reading the article, I fell in love with what Abbe de L’Epee had done for the world of the deaf people. Creating the first free school for the deaf was a huge step. It is greatly beneficial to those who have less money. Having an education for free is a blessing and his initiative to such endeavor is magnificent.

The free education for all is a great help for every deaf person. It is hope for them to be able to pursue more things in life. Having an education is priceless. Especially in the early centuries, education was just for the rich. Thus, the free education for everyone encompasses the social stigma, the barriers.

It spread the education throughout the places near and far. Thus, it broke barriers of communication, creating a social institution for the deaf where they can interact with their fellow deaf with no hesitation, open opportunities for all, friendship and camaraderie.

Free education for the deaf is very needed even up to this era. Let us all face it that even today if you have no financial resources, one cannot provide for their needs. Thus our brothers and sisters who are deaf need extra attention in order for them to attain and actualize themselves.

Hurray to Abbe de L’epee!


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