My Least Favorite

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Dianna Hudson


I have to say the Alexander Graham Bell is my least favorite historical figure in the Deaf community. I saw details of his work in the documentary film, “Through Deaf Eyes”. It also stated that he didn’t feel deaf people should marry another deaf person, as this may produce a deaf child and he was against that. I don’t know how he could take this form of thought, I believe his mother and/or wife were deaf as well. I don’t agree with the oralism argument in educating the Deaf, and I think it hinders and is a waste of time more than it helps.

Abbe de ‘Epee is a favorite for taking the time to learn to communicate with the deaf to teach them.

Last but not least would have to be Heather Whitestone. I think I remember when she won the pageant, and I think that she made a positive influence in the history of the Deaf and the history of America as a whole.

William Stokoe is another one you have to love. I wonder if he had any idea what his dissertation would do for the Deaf community. I think ASL is a beautiful language. I’m so glad that it has successfully evolved for the Deaf culture, and I appreciate each and every person who has a positive influence in Deaf history, giving the Deaf something to be proud of.


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