Online Sign Language Classes (ASL 3 – Unit 6)

ASL 3 – Unit 6

Sign Language Games

In this unit of the online sign language classes, you will be learning how to sign sign language games.


Visit the Online Course Vocabulary Category for this unit to view videos of these vocabulary words.


  • LOSE
  • NO-WAY
  • WIN

Sign Language Games

Sign language games are an effective and fun way to learn ASL. And learning how to explain rules and game play in ASL is another useful skill for ASL conversation.

Participant Line Arrangements

In the video below, Jared will demonstrate how to sign different line arrangements of participants. If a sign language game requires participants to line up, you can use one of these examples (or a variation of one) to explain how the participants should be lined up.

Sign Language Games Practice 6.1

Turn to page 11 in your workbook. In the video below, Darcy will describe two sign language games. Answer the questions in your workbook.

Check your answers in the back of your workbook. Go back and review the questions you missed.

Expression Assignment 3-3

To practice your expression skills, I want you to use your webcam (or a video camera) and sign how to play a sign language game. See our Sign Language Game page for some ideas. Then, go back and watch your video. This is a great way to practice your expression skills and be able to critique your own signing.

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