Please be very understanding if someone deaf asks you to repeat

by Ashleigh Boone


I saw this the other day and it bothered me. I saw a deaf man and a hearing man trying to communicate and the hearing man was trying to do ASL. But the deaf man didn’t understand what he was trying to say and asked him to repeat this time slower and the hearing man got angry and said nevermind it does not matter. And the deaf man got very upset and almost started crying.

When a deaf person asks you to repeat what you are saying don’t get upset just repeat a little slower mouthing your words. Please don’t get rude, because it is not necessary. I know it can be frustrating but just be calm and nice. I am not Deaf but I have deaf family members. And when they could not understand what I was saying I learned sign language and have been fluent in it ever since. I actually prefer it. Because most of my family knows it and it’s just easier than trying to speak.

My uncle said he’s happy I learned sign language because it made him more comfortable. And yeah I used to get frustrated but I wouldn’t get rude because there is nothing wrong with being deaf. And when I realized that no one could understand what I was saying I learned ASL and it’s been good ever since no need in being rude to someone.

My uncle said that when he doesn’t understand what someone is saying and they say something like forget it or nevermind it really offends him and makes him feel dumb. And he said a lot of his deaf friends say the same so please think about that and don’t say that before you actually try to talk to someone who is deaf.

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Nov 22, 2014

my new friend


by: Anonymous

I am learning how to sign so I can communicate better to my friend that is deaf. I met her this year. It is very nice to have a friend like her because I am very shy and have a hard time making new friends. I have moved a lot.

Sep 23, 2014

rude or not?


by: magyarmima

Having lived abroad for many years, I find that often people have little patience for those who are not fluent in their mother language. It is not strictly a Deaf issue. But do think of this next time you feel slighted in the Deaf Community. Many hearing people “try out” their signing on Deaf acquaintances and expect that the person “should be grateful they are trying”. And how would you like to always be listening to adults who sound like they are infants, babbling away, when you are trying to engage in an event where there are people with whom you can communicate fully and easily? While there’s no call for rudeness, no matter what your culture, it’s certainly easy to understand why a person would gravitate toward someone who is competent in their heart language… don’t you think?

Mar 25, 2013

“Forget it” and Feeling Dumb.


by: Arianna

I’m with your uncle on the feeling dumb and feeling incompetent when someone says something like “Forget it” or “Never mind.” It literally makes me want to go in another room and cry. That’s how offended I get and people don’t understand that it hurts when they’re asked to repeat certain words or phrases, because I didn’t catch all the sounds, and they just say “Forget it.”

Jan 03, 2013

Rudeness to partially deaf

by: Anonymous

I am not deaf, but I am almost deaf in one ear. It is hard for me to hear people, espiscially ( sorry for the bad spelling I don’t know how to spell that)in loud places. I try to lip-read, but I’m only good at that with people I’ve known for a while. People often say mean or rude things when I ask them to repeat what they said. It really frustrates me when they do that to me and/or other people. At least we try to communicate.

Nov 16, 2011

Be patient

by: dee4himonly

I’m new to studying ASL. Being patient also needs to come from the deaf person when a hearing person is trying to communicate with them. I have had several experiences when trying to talk with deaf people that they get frustrated with/at me when they can’t understand me. I will keep trying or even finger-spell a word and ask what a sign is for that word. I always assumed that deaf people would be happy that a hearing person is trying to learn when there is so little communication around them in the hearing world aspect. I have had people try to help me with what I’m trying to say and are very patient and understanding, but I have also had a handful of deaf people who become impatient, angry, rude, or even walk away. Some deaf, it seems, don’t want you to learn ASL because I’m not deaf and that I have no right to because I don’t know all of their culture. With those kind of deaf people, it seems like all or nothing–either you’re deaf in the deaf community or stay in the hearing world.

Oct 30, 2011

Be patient with each other- deaf and hearing- trying to tell something

by: Deaf Sharon Ann

Yes I agree with you, but there’s another way to get one to understand: paper and note. I always bring a notepad and pen with me. I’m only deaf around here. Not many people learn any sign language but one or few. Also body gestures to show. I sometimes get someone who knows me but not signs to try to explain what’s being said.
Not many want to be patient with other..but sometimes we don’t have a choice but if still not being understood, and say “never mind” if not really that important.
Notes and pen, body gestures, and a closer friend’s help (“who understands you”) are always good advice…

Oct 23, 2011

Speak and Sign

by: John W Dudley

My father was an amazing man. Though not deaf himself, he was raised by deaf parents and he later married a deaf woman. Every where they went he would always speak and sign at the same time for her benefit. Even while watching TV, he would sign it all for her. When with friends that were not deaf, he would speak and sign at the same time. I never got the mastery of this skill.

The Deaf are an amazing group of people. Don’t be rude by trying to ignore them. Make new friends by learning Sign Language.


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