The Start ASL 1, 2, 3, & 4 Offline Course (NEW)


The Start ASL Offline Course

Now you can have the convenience of the entire Start ASL curriculum downloaded directly to your computer so you can continue learning even when you’re not connected to the internet! For many students, this is the perfect way to learn!

There are numerous benefits to getting the Start ASL Offline Course, including:

  • Portability – When the package is downloaded onto your computer, you don’t need an internet connection to continue studying. You can study any time, anywhere.
  • Video Options – Watching the videos on your computer allows you to use any video player – you can even use one that will allow you to watch in slow motion!
  • Multiple Ways to Learn – With our Offline Course, you can choose to learn using our included offline website, our popular PDF lesson files, or even a combination of both!
  • And more!

What’s included in the Offline Course?

  • The DJSC! Student Guides – In PDF e-book format.
  • The Start ASL Offline Webpage Course – Our full course delivered in offline HTML format.
  • The Start ASL Offline PDF Course – Our full course delivered in offline PDF format.
  • Lesson Videos – You will receive all of the lesson and vocabulary videos for all three course levels.
  • ASL Course Workbooks – You will receive a workbook for each course level to print and complete the course activities and quizzes offline.

While the online class is perfect for some individuals, others need the portability and convenience of the offline package. Start ASL aims to please every ASL student, no matter what their needs or preferences.

Visit the Start ASL Offline Course page for more information.

Please see the support article for a how to access the offline courses