Religious Signing by Elaine Costello, Ph.D.

March 8, 2013
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by Rebecca Wenger

(PA, US)

A Religious ASL dictionary? Really? Yep. As the front cover claims, Elaine Costello’s Religious Signing is “the first and only interdenominational guide to Religious Signing”. Look for the most recently revised and updated version, published in 2009. It contains a generous introduction that covers topics which include the influence of the Church in Deaf Education, Ministry to the Deaf People in the United States, Signing in Religious Settings, and more. As you move into the dictionary part of the book, you’ll find large, clear, upper body illustrations that unmistakably perform the given signs. To accompany each illustration, Elaine includes a written description of the formation of the sign, as well as small hints or indications to the sign. This book also contains a chapter of Prayers and Blessings in sign. In total, the amount of signs is very impressive and helpful, making it a valuable resource. And as the front cover states; it is “A Comprehensive Guide for All Faiths”. A very helpful aid for all areas of Religious Signing, whether it be in Sunday school, Church, Ministry, or many other avenues. Elaine Costello does a superb job.

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