Rude in both speaking and ASL

by Virginia

I wanted to say that sometimes people are just plain rude in both speaking and ASL. I am hearing, but am very familiar with being excluded in conversations because I am highly logical (and I am looking to get diagnosed with autism) and when I don’t get or understand something sometimes people just let it pass even though I ask for clarification. Or worse they laugh me, “oh look at her she doesn’t get it”. (But sometimes they are laughing with me because sometimes I can be pretty silly!)

I think it is absolutely neccesary for people to think about how they would wanted to be treated. Once they learn that ASL is primarily communicated through eye contact, body language, and facial expression… they probably don’t have any excuses besides the fact that they were nervous (not used to the eye contact, for instance) or that they lost their footing with their signing for a while. (maybe?)

Thanks for letting me share!


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