Free Sign Language Course (ASL 1 – Unit 13)

ASL 1 – Unit 13

In this unit of the sign language course, we will be quizzing you on what you have learned so far.

This unit is a cumulative review of everything you have learned so far. You will be quizzed on numbers, vocabulary, comprehension, and expression.


Visit our ASL 1 Vocabulary Review page to study all of the ASL 1 vocabulary before you start. You can also download the ASL 1 Vocab Study Sheet for easier studying.

Number Quiz

Turn to page 16 in your workbook. In the video below, Mando and I are going to sign 20 sentences with numbers. Write down the number and the type of number it is. You can write cardinal, ordinal, money, age, clock/time, height, fraction, year, or phone number. The first one has been done for you.

Cumulative Vocabulary Quiz – Units 1-13

If you’ve been skimping out on learning your vocabulary during this sign language course, you better go back and study! I am about to quiz you!

Turn to page 17 in your workbook. Watch the video below. The video compiles together 25 vocabulary words from Units 1 through 13. You may pause the video to give yourself time to write as well as to go back and watch a sign again. Write the vocabulary word on the line for the corresponding number on the screen. The first one has been done for you.

When you’re finished, check your answers in the back of the workbook. Go back and review the questions you missed.

Comprehension Quiz

The video below includes the two videos that were used for the vocabulary quizzes. Instead of looking for vocabulary, I want you to watch the videos and put the sentences in the correct order on page 18 in your workbook. Interpret them the best you can.

When you are finished, check your answers in the back of the book. Go back and review what you may have missed. Then, practice signing the stories.

Expression Quiz

By this point in the sign language course, you have learned how to sign several phrases in ASL. Below, I am going to give you 15 statements and questions. You should know how to sign them all. Sign each statement and question in the mirror. Then, on page 20 of your workbook, write down exactly what you signed. Just write the signs and order of signs you used.

If you can, it would actually be better if you could videotape yourself signing these. Then, you can see how you sign, and correct any mistakes you may find.

1. Are you deaf?
2. I am hearing.
3. How many siblings do you have?
4. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters.
5. Where do you work?
6. What do you do at work?
7. How old is your brother?
8. I am 25 years old.
9. What is your rank among your siblings?
10. Are you married?
11. How many children do you have?
12. I have 3 children.
13. Is that woman over there with the short brown hair hearing?
14. Please give her the book.
15. I am going home.

When you are finished, compare what you signed with the video below. Christine will demonstrate each statement and question for you. Go back and review the statements and/or questions you missed. Then, you should practice signing each statement and question.

Reading Assignment

In DJSC! A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community, read the rest of the book (Final Chapter, Test Your Knowledge!, and Resources). You can test your knowledge with what you’ve learned so far with the quiz and the Resources section is truly indispensable. It includes all of the top ASL resources in the world today. This is a book that you will use again and again throughout your ASL journey.

Deaf Events

You should have been to 3 Deaf events by now. They are absolutely invaluable to your American Sign Language education. I want to challenge you to go to a Deaf event twice a month every month to better your skills, get into the Deaf community, and make Deaf friends. If you haven’t been to the 3 assigned Deaf events, you really need to catch up. If you have finished the lessons in less than a week, make it a point to go to these Deaf events. This sign language course just does not equal what you will learn from talking to Deaf people. Visit our Deaf events resources page to find Deaf events in your area.

If, for some reason, you are unable to find a Deaf event in your area, there is another way! The Start ASL Tutoring Program gives you the ability to meet and interact one-on-one with a Deaf person online. And even if you can find Deaf events in your area, practicing with one of our Deaf tutors is one of the best things you can do. You will get one-on-one attention and the ability to immerse yourself and practice what you’ve learned at the same time. Check out the The Start ASL Tutoring Program today!

End of Unit 13

Great Job!