Free American Sign Language Course (ASL 3 – Unit 8)

ASL 3 – Unit 8

Amenities and Features

In this unit of the free American Sign Language course, you will be learning how to sign amenities and features.


Visit the Online Course Vocabulary Category for this unit to view videos of these phrases.


  • Her car is black and has a loud engine.
  • My landlord is spraying my apartment for bugs on Tuesday.
  • The art museum had silly paintings of strawberries and country sides.
  • The news online is not always right about our neighborhood.

Amenities and Features

Being able to give thorough descriptions of amenities and features of things (such as a home or a car) is another conversational necessity. This will help you in a variety of situations and allow you to practice your description skills with attention to more detail.

Amenities and Features Practice 8.1

Turn to page 14 in your workbook. In the video below, Mark will describe a house. Answer the questions in your workbook.

Check your answers in the back of the workbook. Go back and review the questions you missed.

Research Paper

You will be responsible for writing a research paper for this class. Papers must be more than 500 words on an appropriate ASL or D/deaf-related news article. You will need to find a news article that reports on something to do with ASL, Deaf, or a deaf topic. Your job is to report on how this news article relates to Deaf Culture.

For example: Would this be considered a good thing for culturally Deaf people? Does the article author take on a paternalistic role in the way they wrote the article? What would you want the author or readers to know about this article and how it relates to Deaf Culture?

If you use any quotes or ideas from any resources, they must be cited at the end of your paper.

This assignment is a great way to get you thinking critically about ASL and the Deaf community. From this assignment, you will gain a more in-depth understanding about how ASL and the Deaf are portrayed in modern media.

You can submit your research paper here: