Our Favorite Sign Language Flashcards

Using sign language flashcards is a great way to retain the ASL you’re learning.

We have had a great time using flash cards while learning ASL and here are some of our favorites:

Barron’s 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language (Cards)

These are the best sign language flashcards on the market today. There are full-color photos that present close-ups of a model demonstrating 500 American Sign Language (ASL) signs. The meanings, brief descriptions of hand and arm motions, and related words are listed on the reverse side of each card. Correct formations of hand shapes and facial expressions are clearly shown to eliminate any possible confusion regarding intended word meanings. Where appropriate, photos include directional arrows that show hand or arm movements. Each flash card has a hole in one corner to accommodate a metal ring included with the boxed set. Users can select and fit any combination of cards they please to combine relevant words and create statements, or to review signs that they have difficulty identifying. This is an ideal method for recognizing and memorizing American Sign Language vocabulary.
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The American Sign Language Handshape Flash Cards Set II (Cards)

These sign language flashcards are great because they coincide with The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary (below). There are two sets of these flashcards and this is set 2 of 2. They are in large print with very easy to follow instructions and the actual cards are large in themselves for easy handling. These are perfect to learn basic vocabulary, especially when used with your study group.
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The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary (Hardcover)

This book goes along with the flashcards above!
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Sign2Me – ASL Laminated Flashcards: Beginners Series – Complete 5-Pack Set (Incl. ASL + English + Spanish) (American Sign Language Flash Cards, Beginner) (English and Spanish Edition) (Cards)

These durable, Sign2Me, ASL (American Sign Language) Flash Cards (with English, Spanish, and ASL) are designed to make it fun for everyone to expand their signing vocabulary. The front of each card displays a colorful illustration while the reverse side teaches users how to make the associated sign. Each card contains the ASL illustration for the sign along with the English and Spanish words and phonetic pronunciations, giving the user the three most popular languages used in the United States. Each pack in this 5-pack set includes 28 colorful cards and a tri-fold brochure that contains instructions as well as illustrations of the main hand shapes used in making the ASL signs. Each pack comes in its own heavy duty storage box.
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Carson-Dellosa Publishing Sign Language (Toy)

This is a useful option for learning the signs for school supplies. The flashcards are two-sided cards, each 6 x 3 and have rounded corners for easy sorting. Includes one resource card and 105 cards per pack.
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More flash cards:

We don’t recommend trying to learn all of ASL using flash cards, but flash cards are definitely a great way to practice, retain, and have fun. You can even keep them in your purse or backpack and take them out to practice whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

If you are learning ASL, it’s always smart to keep at least one set of flash cards on hand.

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