Sign Language Illustrated by Winchester Booth Communications

March 8, 2013
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by Debra Stephens

(Quebec, Canada)

I really like this booklet it is small, 4 x 9 inches and 25 pages long. It offers over 200 signs and is not very large to take along with me in the car or on the bus. Its’ mission is communication. It offers easy to learn illustrated signs of everyday words. It begins with the alphabet which is essential for communicating words which cannot be signed by illustration. Learning the alphabet first enables one to spell out the word to the deaf person that otherwise may be very difficult to illustrate. This book covers numbers, colours, family members, days of the week, and some objects, along with sign illustrations. It is not a complete language tool however it is an introduction to COMMUNICATE for a beginner who desires to learn. This booklet in its’ simplicity encourages family and friends of the deaf to communicate in this expressive, graceful language.

Find it on this page!


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