The Best Sign Language Video Recommendations

We found all the best ones!

We have searched for all the best sign language videos. We have checked them out and read their reviews. There really are a lot of good ones to choose from! The videos on this page were carefully selected and are our recommendations to you if you absolutely must buy a sign language video!

American Sign Language Downloads

sign language software The Start ASL Offline Package

by Michelle Jay

The Start ASL online classes are available as an instant download. These files contain all of the ASL 1, 2, & 3 class Lessons, Readings, Videos, and Workbook. Only three downloads and you will have full access to the ASL 1, 2 & 3 classes on your computer without an internet connection. We highly recommend this if you need access to the classes offline, need to download the videos all at once, want to watch the videos in slower motion, or don’t like the advertisements in the lessons!

American Sign Language DVD Videos

Learn & Master American Sign Language

This is our absolute favorite DVD course! It is truly fantastic and includes 25 DVDS with 49 plus hours of instruction. The course is structured around a different topic you’d find in everyday life and is filled with vocabulary, sentences, narratives, and dialogues. In each lesson, you will learn vocabulary, practice signing and reception skills with sentences, questions, dialogues, and narratives. There are over 2000 vocabulary words. You will also learn about expansion features in ASL, finger spelling, numbers, and facts about Deaf culture. You’ll have tons of practice to the learn the language!

Sign Language 101: A Beginner’s Guide to American Sign Language (DVD)

This video is excellent for every American Sign Language (ASL) student as well as teachers, parents, and professionals learning ASL to communicate clearly and naturally. You will learn how to sign the alphabet, numbers, colors, holidays, calendar, grammar, sentence structures, ASL Idioms and hundreds of vocabulary along with bonus features. This video has also been developed for students and teachers from all schools, colleges, libraries and universities to use in all sorts of courses and programs promoting American Sign Language.
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Common Expressions in American Sign Language, Vol. 1-2 Set (DVD)

This set is definitely a must-have. You will learn almost 250 common expressions, idioms, phrases, and sentences in ASL with these DVDs. They will take you through the rich culture and the parts of the language that are commonly used. This is great for learning the everyday conversations and will prepare you for getting involved.
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Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Vol. 1-5 (5-DVD Set) (DVD)

Idioms in ASL are so important to know! These DVDs are great for ASL students, interpreters, families, teachers, etc. It’s packed full of idioms and phrases and really worth the money.
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American Sign Language Interpreter Training: Receptive & Expressive Skills Practice Set, Vol. 1 (DVD-R)

This 2 DVD set is a fantastic resource for any ASL student, teacher, or interpreter. It combines both Receptive and Expressive skills practice into an extremely comprehensive resource that covers fingerspelling, facts, vocabulary, sign-to-voice, voice-to-sign, idioms and phrases, and more. Highly recommended!
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13-DVD Complete American Sign Language DVD Library (DVD)

If you are interested in purchasing several of the ASL DVDs available in this collection, you can save money by purchasing this 13 DVD package. It includes: Common Expressions in ASL (Vol 1 & 2), ASL Everyday Words: Activities and Events, ASL for Babies and Toddlers, Idioms & Phrases in ASL (Vol 1-5), ASL for Kids and Adults (Vol 1 & 2), and ASL Interpreter Training (Vol 1 & 2). All this for a great price!
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American Sign Language 10-DVD Collection – Kids Series, Idioms Sets, ASL Interpreting Training Sets (DVD)

If you are interested in purchasing several of the ASL DVDs available in this collection, you can save money by purchasing this 10 DVD package. It includes: Idioms & Phrases in ASL (Vol 1-5), ASL for Kids and Adults (Vol 1 & 2), ASL Everyday Words: Activities and Events, ASL Interpreter Training (Vol 1 & 2). All this for a great price!
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American Sign Language Learning System (DVD)

This is a good DVD packed full of information, but the signing is really fast. If you are new to ASL, we wouldn’t recommend it. If you have been learning ASL already and would like to practice your receptive skills, this is a good DVD for you.
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ASL in Motion Dictionary (DVD)

Here is a DVD ASL dictionary (if you were looking for one). Instead of a book or software, this DVD would work just as well as an ASL dictionary.
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DVDs for Kids

American Sign Language for Kids: Learn ASL Beginner Level 1, Vol. 1 (DVD)

American Sign Language is one of the fastest-growing languages today. With Language Tree’s American Sign Language for Kids volume 1 (perfect for children of all ages), you will learn how to fingerspell the alphabet and numbers as well as pick up signs for everyday situations such as meeting and greeting, pronouns, family members, occupations, colors, and much more. In addition, tips on how to interact effectively with the Deaf community are offered throughout the program.
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ASL Tales: The Princess and the Pea (Hardcover)

A modern retelling of the classic story with a decidedly NOT-dainty princess. The haughty Queen, perfectly portrayed in ASL by Pinky Aiello, learns that a true Princess is more than dainty. Children and adults will delight in the story and the whimsical illustrations. The book/DVD package is accompanied by web-based instruction that, unlike most children’s sign language materials, teach fundamentals of ASL grammar, vocabulary and syntax. Enjoyable and instructive for novice and advanced users of ASL. Written by A. Rodriguez and J. Starr, illustrated by J. Hood, and performed in ASL by Pinky Aiello.
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American Sign Language VHS Videos

Number Signs for Everyone: Numbering in American Sign Language [VHS] (VHS Tape)

This video was required for my ASL Interpreting class. It really makes numbers in ASL very clear. There are so many different ways to sign different numbers. It all depends on the context, and this is something you definitely need to learn how to decipher if you are learning ASL.
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I know, I know, this list is short. But that makes it easier to choose one, right?

If you have a favorite sign language video that is not mentioned on this page, please share in the comments below!


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