Sign Me A Story: Sign Language Fun for Everyone – video

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Amber Waite

(Utah, US)

This video stars Linda Bove, who has been on Sesame Street many times. She is a deaf actress and she says in the introduction to the video that as a child she always wanted a story signed to her. So she wants to accomplish that in the video. I love this signed video so much, because the actors are all dressed up in costume with backdrop and actually perform the story. There is a narrator speaking over the acting as they sign, but my family and I really enjoyed being able to watch the characters actually sign, as opposed to other videos where a signer just signs a story, these stories are acted. It helped us to learn a lot of the signs they used (they show you many before the stories begin) and proper way to sign them. We still will sign-quote things from these stories just for fun!

Find it on this page!


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