Signing: How To Speak with Your Hands by Elaine Costello

March 8, 2013
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by Rebecca Wenger

(PA, US)

To those learning American Sign Language, it can never hurt to have several ASL dictionaries. In doing so, you can confirm signs, examine different forms of a sign, and recognize the slight tweaks that different states may place on a sign. This dictionary is one that you should defiantly consider adding to your collection. The author, Dr. Elaine Costello, has been both an educator and author involved in the world of Deafness for well over thirty years. She knows what she is talking about. She dedicates a full chapter to the introduction of ASL, including background information on Deafness, answers to the term Sign Language, and advice on learning to sign. She also has a page with selected and recommended readings to further your knowledge of ASL and the deaf culture. And of course, the dictionary itself. Each picture resembles a clearly drawn individual performing the sign. Beneath the picture and title of the sign is a written description. Most of the signs – not all, but a large majority – include a hint that helps you to visualize the sign even better. Elaine Costello’s ASL dictionary holds a large collection of signs that include People, Foods and Eating, Descriptions, Time, Days, Seasons, Places, Health and Survival and much, much more. A highly recommended book. It was the very first ASL dictionary that I ever owned.

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