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May 31, 2013
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by Amber Waite

(Utah, US)

These videos have been a great way to help both my deaf and hearing children learn signs. It’s been great to help my hearing children to communicate with their sister and also to help my deaf daughter to be able to identify more things through sign. The signs are presented in a fun way with fun songs to help you remember the signs. The songs are very catching and even my husband, who is a composer, has admitted how cleaver many of them are. There are two series of videos. We have most of the first series and have viewed many of the second series videos by checking them out at the library. Not a single one has disappointed. It’s been fun to watch the children that star in the videos as they age, and especially as Leah, who is deaf, has grown in her language abilities. I’ve been able to use it as a guide to see how my daughter might progress.

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Signing Time DVD Series

by Ivory Henson

(Arizona, US)

I really love these DVDs. They are especially great if you’re trying to teach american sign language to children. I used to show these DVDs during “quiet time” when I taught preschool. The kids just thought it was another fun and interesting kids’ show and then later thought it was cool that they learned new signs, as I often used sign language in the classroom. I especially love how Rachel, the host, colors her fingers with tape so you can see which fingers are doing what. It can sometimes get confusing when watching a DVD not being able to tell exactly what shapes are being made with the hands. I think these DVDs are a great tool not just for teaching children sign language but for anyone who wants an introduction to learning american sign language. They are a little on the pricey side, or at least for my budget they are. But I have found that most public libraries have a good collection of the Signing Time DVDs.

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Signing Time (series) by Rachel Azevedo

by Tywanna Watley

(Louisiana, US)

I love this series! My son enjoys watching these and I feel good knowing that he’s learning and being entertained at the same time!

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Signing Time video series

by Cindy

(Fond du Lac County, WI)

Positively WONDERFUL!! I believe as an adult I have learned more with these videos (that I play for my niece) than I did with my ASL class. Educational and fun… great for EVERYONE!!!


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