by Brenda Dawe


SIGNO is a sign language game like Bingo except that the headings are handshapes. I have a template which students take and fill in with 5 handshapes (of the 11 basic ones I also include in separate handout). The 25 spaces (no free spots) are then filled in with signs under each heading that begin with that handshape. I ask them to focus on signs they almost know not the ones they OWN (no hesitation and Right) since the object is to have correct handshapes for the vocabulary final.

A big difference in playing this game is this: EACH player is also a caller. With voices off, each one takes a turn around the circle showing the handshape first (so all can see if they also have that column). Then caller signs his/her word and crosses it off on their card. Of course, others having the same sign also gets one step closer to a SIGNO.

I bring along a number of token prizes since even College kids want a reward for winning.

***note*** If the caller has mistakenly put the wrong sign and handshape together, I cut in and correct the error. I will also correct the production of a sign if the others (having been pre-instructed to challenge each other) don’t catch it.

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May 21, 2010

Credit for creating SIGNO…

by: Brenda Dawe

I only claim partial credit since I can’t be sure there weren’t/aren’t others out there. But I am sure it was my idea for categories using hand shapes or palm orientation… not tried one with movements yet.

Who knows? One day someone will take my ideas and comercialize them perhaps. smile I would not be offended in the least. Can anyone begrudge future planting from one original seed pod? God made me and implanted this brain. But my brain is made of common grey matter found in all humans. So anyone is capable in the right moment of having such incites of creativity. Knowledge kept to oneself is a waste, don’t you think?

hugs, Brenda Dawe

Jan 21, 2010


by: Michelle Jay – Webmaster

That sounds like so much fun! It’s definitely one of the more educational games. Did you come up with the idea for this game? Because it’s really creative! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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