Some Deaf Culture Do’s and Don’ts

by Martin

Here are some do’s and don’ts I’d like to add!

– Be patient with communication.
– If a Deaf person does not understand you, try again to convey your message, but do not dismiss them.
– Be friendly.
– Don’t assume deaf people are not intelligent.
– Don’t assume all deaf people know ASL.
– Do not kick or throw things to get someone’s attention.
– Don’t pretend to understand if you do not.

These are just some common do’s and don’ts in ASL conversation that I’ve experienced.

Comments for Some Deaf Culture Do’s and Don’ts

Nov 14, 2009

Thank you!

by: Michelle Jay

Thank you for these additions! You’re absolutely right. Being patient with communication is definitely something you need to do. A lot of new signers who have difficulty getting their point across often give up on communication and end up leaving the deaf person out. This is not ok and definitely a “don’t” in Deaf culture.

And, yes, not all deaf people have excellent English skills. Don’t assume these people are less intelligent. That’s like them assuming you’re less intelligent because you aren’t that skilled in ASL.

And it’s true that not all deaf people know ASL. 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, so many of them don’t grow up learning ASL.

Thank you for these additions! I’m sure everyone who reads this will truly appreciate it. 🙂


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