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Signing Group with Laptops
Sign Language Online: ASL 1 – Unit 6 Sample

In this unit sample as you learn sign language online, you will be learning about ASL questions. Sentence Types: Questions There are a few different sentence types in ASL. These

Learn ASL: ASL 1 – Unit 5 Sample

In this unit sample, you will learn ASL word order. Word Order ASL sentences follow a “TOPIC” “COMMENT” structure. This is the same as the English “subject” “predicate” structure. However,

Learning American Sign Language: ASL 1 – Unit 2 Sample

In this unit sample, you will be learning American Sign Language lexicalized fingerspelling. Vocabulary – Food & Drink Lexicalized Fingerspelling Lexicalized fingerspelling (sometimes called “loan signs”) is fingerspelling that looks

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