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Start ASL Teacher's Curriculum

Integrate a Well-Rounded, Extensive ASL Course into Your Classroom Curriculum


It can be used as a complete curriculum or be a wonderful supplement for your ASL teachings, and will allow you to fully develop your students' ASL abilities!


The Teacher's Curriculum is delivered as instant downloads in ZIP format immediately after purchase.

What are the benefits of integrating the Start ASL curriculum into your classroom?

Complete or Supplement Your Teachings 

The Start ASL courses are a complete curriculum or can be used to supplement your teachings, giving you the perfect method to ensure that your students are fully immersed into ASL and that they're not missing a thing. This is a super convenient way to ensure that you're doing your absolute best for every student and that they will walk away from your classroom skilled ASL signers.

Provide a Different Teaching Technique 

Different students will learn with different methods. Particular students who may be struggling in your classroom may find that the Start ASL course (with videos and workbooks) helps him or her understand concepts they weren't grasping before.

Encourage Independent Studies 

Your students can study independently with the Start ASL courses. They can take home handouts and complete them using the videos we have available for free on the Start ASL website.

Your website is so impressive! I am an RID certified freelance interpreter seeking resources to help improve and expand signing skills in our communities. A signer in Florida sent your information and raved about how it has helped her in her area. You are to be commended. I am sharing your information with our ITP and other interpreter organizations. I pray for your continued success.

Gina H. 

I am a high school ASL teacher in Ohio and just discovered your site. This is absolutely awesome!! It is so comprehensive and organized. I am using it for supplemental assignments in my classes. Thank you thank you!



The Start ASL Teacher's Curriculum includes everything you need to ensure that your students are excelling...

Three Start ASL Course Levels


Our ASL 1 course is the best class for beginners and will get your students conversing right away. 

This course is packed full of information and includes 13 units covering: 

  • Fingerspelling,  
  • Numbers,  
  • The five sign parameters,  
  • Word order,  
  • Sentence types,  
  • Pronouns and indexing,  
  • Verbs,  
  • Identifying people,  
  • As well as lessons on Deaf culture, Deaf history, and more!  

ASL 1 also includes:  

  • Over 550 vocabulary and phrase videos,  
  • 60 lesson videos,  
  • 30 activities and quizzes,  
  • 9 Reading Assignments from the DJSC! Student Guides,  
  • And 1 writing and 3 Deaf event assignments. 


Our ASL 2 course is full of advanced lessons that will target your students' grammar skills and help your students to be more confident signers.

This course is full of great grammar examples and includes 12 units covering:

  • Sentence types,  
  • Time, Duration, and Regularity,  
  • Temporal aspect,  
  • Classifiers,  
  • Pluralization,  
  • Distance,  
  • Inflection,  
  • Describing rooms, objects, and locations, 
  • And more!  

ASL 2 also includes:  

  • Over 350 vocabulary and phrase videos,  
  • Over 30 lesson videos,  
  • Over 15 advanced activities and quizzes, 
  • And 3 signing assignments. 


Our ASL 3 course is our most advanced course and will teach your students how to sign more abstract ideas - including popular stories!  

This course is full of fun signing and storytelling examples and includes 11 units covering more advanced signing like:  

  • Role shifting,  
  • Narratives,  
  • Giving information,  
  • Sign language games,  
  • Literature,  
  • Storytelling,  
  • And interpreting songs.  

ASL 3 also includes over:  

  • 200 vocabulary and phrase videos,  
  • 20 advanced lesson videos,  
  • 17 advanced activities and quizzes,  
  • And 5 signing assignments. 

What's Included?

The curriculum includes all three of our course levels so you can fully customize the course for your needs!

You will receive all of the following as an instant download immediately after purchase:

The Start ASL 1, 2, and 3 Course Curriculum

The Start ASL 1, 2, and 3 Teacher Guides (Sample)

Over 100 Lesson Videos

Over 1100 Vocabulary Videos

Classroom Handouts for over 60 activities and quizzes


The Don't Just "Sign"... Communicate! Student Guides

Now also included with the Start ASL Teacher's Curriculum are your own downloadable copies of the Don't Just "Sign"... Communicate! Student Guide Series to use in your classroom. These essential books are your students' key to success! They're the perfect supplements for your ASL classes. 

DJSC! A Student's Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community

A Student's Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community  

This Guide Gives You EVERYTHING You Need…and More. One of the biggest benefits of Don’t Just “Sign”…Communicate!: A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community is that we provide you with information you need but didn’t know to ask for. The package is absolutely jam-packed with benefits: 

  • You’ll quickly learn the best ways to learn ASL so that you can begin communicating quickly.  
  • You’ll receive the most essential Deaf culture and Deaf history information available.  
  • Information about careers in ASL from the professionals.  
  • Common terminology used in the Deaf community.  
  • The number one ASL resources available today.  
  • And so much more!  

This guide was created specifically to help you understand ASL more effectively. The perfect companion for our ASL course, this guide supplements the course and offers up the best possible information to help you better understand everything involved while learning ASL. Without a doubt, it is the best student’s guide to ASL and the Deaf community in existence, and provides numerous benefits for individuals who are taking ASL classes.  

“This book is a real gem! Informative, intriguing, and an easy read — it is your ticket to a new world of friendships and cultural understanding! When it’s time to step out of the classroom and into the Deaf Community–Michelle Jay’s advice and insights are just what you need! Remember what you learned from this book and you’ll do great!” William G. Vicars, Ed.D. Associate Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies, Also known as “Dr. Bill” of,

Bill Vicars
DJSC! A Student's Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar

A Student's Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar 

The Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar provides the fundamentals of perfect ASL grammar so you can sign confidently  

Students taking ASL classes are often expected to pick up on the grammar rules themselves, by being a part of the deaf community, or by immersing themselves in sign language from the beginning. If you’re learning on your own or you’re unable to sign with others often, it can be extremely difficult to pick up these rules. This guide will help you:  

  • Make sure you’re learning American Sign Language.  
  • Learn ASL signs and vocabulary concepts you won’t find in most ASL dictionaries.  
  • Learn ASL phonology and how signs are formed.  
  • Learn ASL morphology and how to inflect signs to create meaning.  
  • Learn ASL syntax and how to form correct sentences.  
  • And so much more!  

This incredible guide provides you with the confidence you need to communicate fluently and correctly. Unfortunately, many signers go years without picking up the proper grammar, even when they’re conversing with other signers regularly. You don’t have to let this happen to you!

“There is so much more to signing than just learning the hand shapes and movements. ASL is all about its own syntax, phonology and grammar. This book does a great job of exploring what makes ASL its own unique language. Start ASL has done it again!” John Miller Co-Founder, Educator, Signing Savvy LLC

John Miller
DJSC! A Student's Guide to the Deaf Experience

A Student's Guide to the Deaf Experience 

This eye-opening e-book will ignite your senses and eliminate any misconceptions you may have about the deaf community. Delve into this informative and entertaining collection of personal stories culled from the writings of talented Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened people. Experience the world from their perspectives and learn what questions and comments are best avoided and what common courtesies are most appreciated. By reading this book, you can immerse yourself in the textured world of the deaf community. This book is meant as a guide to equip ASL students, but it is so much more… It is a book for the masses – to be read and reread, to be savored – for it will resonate with you long after the last page is turned.

A Student's Guide to Deaf Community Terminology 

This pocket-size e-book is a fantastic collection of terms commonly used in the Deaf Community and allows you to:  

  • Quickly and easily find the meaning of a community term.  
  • Study terminology whenever you have a spare moment.  
  • Ensure that you’re participating correctly in conversations.  
  • Build confidence for signing and communicating.  
  • Study with a quick and convenient method no matter where you are.  
  • And more!
DJSC! A Student's Guide to Deaf Community Terminology

What sets you apart from others is not only that you keep your content (books/videos) relevant to the current culture of learners but also make them accessible and affordable and the reason is that attending college classes and/or purchasing textbooks are getting expensive, perhaps cost-prohibitive for most students. This is also why I make my classes/lessons affordable both online and in person for anyone who is interested in learning sign language, plus I find your curriculum design suitable for today’s generation of (signing) students who prefer an informal learning environment (Harkness Table/Method - for instance) with greater emphasis on collaboration by making them feel appreciated and valued on a personal level -- case in point: your ringing endorsements from prominent educators in the signing community as seen in the front matter section of your books had signaled us readers the spirit of inclusion and collaboration or sharing a culture of intellectual responsibility in regard to sign language education.

Damien Killbride of ASL Pah!



We have a 30 day money back guarantee! Yes, you read that right. We stand behind our products and always strive for happy students.  

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Start ASL Teacher's Curriculum




Thank you for your site and books! You have the resources all in one place. I'm teaching ASL to beginners and was trying to find a good book/site to direct them to. Your site is exactly what they need. I will direct them here and suggest they buy your books as I have. Keep up the great work!


I am an ASL/Interpreter student at a Texas community college and I have to say that your new books in the series DJSC! are amazing! I actually told the staff there that these books are better than the ASL 4 textbooks we used last semester!

Bree L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the DJSC! Student Guides with my students?

The DJSC! Student Guides included with this package are for your use in the classroom only. If you would like your students to have their own copies of these guides, please have them purchase their own from this page:

Are the DJSC! Student Guides available in other formats?

Yes! While only the PDF versions are included as part of the Teacher's Curriculum, the books are also available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and iBook formats. Click here for links to all available formats.

In what file format are the downloads provided?

The curriculum is first downloaded in ZIP format. Once extracted, the files are in PDF and MP4 video format. The DJSC! Student Guides are provided in PDF format. 

How big are the ZIP files? 

The zipped curriculum folders are roughly 400 MB each. So, for each course, make sure you have 400 MB of space on your computer or device. Or, for all three courses, 1.2 GB total. Please keep in mind that these files can take up to 10 minutes to download even with a fast internet connection.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes! When you complete checkout, choose "Purchase Order" as the payment method and enter the purchase order number. Then once you complete checkout, send your purchase order to and we will send you an invoice for payment to be received before the products are provided.

Can you use this curriculum on a mobile device?

Yes! We do suggest downloading the files to your computer first, unzipping the files, and then transferring them to your device. You can also use an app like WinZip or iZip for Apple devices or WinZip or AndroZip for Android devices to unzip the zip folders directly on your device. Also, make sure you have programs available on your device to open PDF and MP4 video files.

Do I need to rebuy this package every school year?

No - this curriuclum is a one-time purchase for you to use in your classroom for as many years as you need. 

Can I post the materials online for my students?

Feel free to post some videos and activities on your private school server for use by your students. However, posting the DJSC! Student Guides without your students purchasing their own copies or posting these materials on any public website would violate the copyright.

Can I burn the videos to a DVD?  

If you have a DVD burner and the skills necessary to do this, then yes! If you're able to do that, you can use a DVD player to watch the videos instead of a computer or mobile device.  

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