by Megan Arhart


I was a fifth-grader couple years ago. The kids in my old classroom teased me about my hearing loss. It hurts my feelings about myself, but Ms. Lisa* took care of them. She helped me out by just doing that and tell me if they do it again, I just go on and tell her. As far I know of school’s history, I am the only one that has hearing loss, and also first one too. I cried every once a while during that time of the year, but I managed to get through everything. My Special Education manager that year, she was a great help to lift the burden off my shoulder. I was shocked by that by the end of third semester, I get another helping system that includes Ms. Lisa and other teachers and I understand each others the most, but me mostly. The teasing still at it to me today, but I just ignored it. It is very important to teach others about yourself and your hearing loss. I still teach ever since from Preschool, back then I didn’t know that I was doing it, about Hearing Loss, both Effects and Causes. I want everyone to realize that this isn’t the world they always dreamed of. This is the opposite of their, but a same world that we are sharing with disabilities, cancers, and sickness. There is always others like Ms. Lisa helps many others out in simple way, even they don’t realize it, too. This is my story and will tell more, sooner or later.

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Jun 07, 2011


by: Unown

I was in a speaking school once… the students were nice and friendly. They learned sign language from me and a friend of a 4th grade teacher speaking for me. If you are teased by speaking kids from your class, you should try to make friends with them by teaching them sign language. I am also Deaf. I am proud of ASL!

Nov 14, 2010

You are amazing

by: Anonymous

You are such a great inspiration to me and I will try to do more teaching instead of withdrawing when my feelings are hurt. I look forward to hearing more of your story.


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