The American Sign Language Phrase Book

March 8, 2013
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by Roberta Cooke

(PA, US)

I have just begun learning American Sign Language but I have found that The American Sign Language Phrase Book by Lou Fant and illustrated by Betty G. Miller (published by Contemporary Books), to be a fun and useful book. The book includes chapters such as: Everyday Expressions, Signing and Deafness, Getting Acquainted, Health, Travel, Family, Colors, Numbers, Date and Money, just to name a few of the 17 chapters (in my book). I have an older copy but the newer books also contain a chapter on Technology. Personally, I like hard copy books because I can use them when I am not at a computer. This is a book that I have carried around wherever I gone. I find the illustrations easy to understand and the phrases illustrated to be ones used in common everyday communications. It is important to read the beginning section of the book that describes the symbols used in the illustrations such as which part of the illustration is the beginning or end of the sign. I have also found the index to be complete and very useful. If I forget a single word I may reference it in the index and will be able to find the page which contains that particular word in a phrase. This is a book that I recommend at least for beginners as myself.

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May 14, 2015


by: Anonymous

Great Comment

Jul 12, 2011


by: Dee

I’ve had the phrase book now for some time and I do enjoy it as a supplement to the class. I do wish though that there was a DVD of the book also.


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