The Strength To Rise Above Disabilities

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Heather

(Platteville, Colorado, United States of America)

Helen Keller is my favorite famous deaf-blind person in history. She has so many gifts and strengths, they obviously outnumber her disabilities. Her gifts place a large shadow over all her disabilities. Despite her background, she found the honor, courage, strength, and wisdom to rise above her disabilities. However, I do not view her disabilities as disabilities, but as gifts. I view them as road bumps and opportunities to push the human spirit to grow and learn.

If we look at Helen Keller’s life, she had challenges to overcome. However, without these challenges we would not know her as the wonderfully gifted woman we do today. She became blind and deaf as an infant only having seventeen months of hearing. Once she encountered a caring teacher, Anne Sullivan, she was able to begin her journey to rise to her full potential. All she required on her journey was support and a translator because of her impairment. We can learn from her story that with some encouragement, motivation, and an opportunity we all can do and learn all of our hearts desires. The human spirit is not limited by our abilities, disabilities, or the people around us. The human spirit is only limited by not having dreams and the courage to follow our hearts.


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