Thomas H. Gallaudet

March 8, 2013
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by Lisa Groves

(Camdenton, MO)

I found it very difficult to choose just one favorite, but in the interest of the essay subject I chose Thomas H. Gallaudet.

He must have been very dedicated to learning the best possible ways to educate the deaf because in his day making a trip to Europe was no easy task. Raising the funds and opening a school for the deaf was a huge step forward for the deaf community and I’m sure at times it was a daunting task, still he persevered.

I find it impressive that he worked so diligently to bring an effective means of communication to the deaf in the United States, learning sign language so that he could teach it to others. He laid the foundation for his son Edward to found Gallaudet University which was yet another step in the right direction for the deaf so they may further their education.

I wonder where would the deaf be today without all his hard work? Anyone willing to put forth the hard work and dedication necessary to fulfill their dreams is impressive to me and I believe Thomas Gallaudet did just that. Everyone has the right to a good education and the deaf are no exception and thanks to Gallaudet they too could be educated.


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