Thomas H. Gallaudet

August 27, 2015
Category: Submitted Posts

by Jay Hunsberger

(Spring City, PA)

I am a hearing person who first heard the name Gallaudet on Switched at Birth when Gallaudet University was mentioned all through out the TV Show. the Deaf President Now movement that happened at Gallaudet University is also mentioned. Ever since college I have been a history buff, so when I had the opportunity to read about the origins of Gallaudet University, I was happy to read it.

When read about Thomas H. Gaulladet and all that he did to help deaf people it inspired me. the fact that he went to such great lengths to educate the deaf in America was so amazing to me. he was willing to go all the way to Europe in order to learn how to educate the deaf. In the school that he then created when he got back, ASL was created. If Gaulladet had not gone to such lengths to educate the deaf in America than ASL may never have been created. It is no wonder he son, Edward, decided to name Gallaudet University after him.


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