Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

May 4, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Emily Wucher (05/04/2016)

Many people were a great influence to what deaf culture has become. It was hard to choose a favorite, but I think the most influential was Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Thomas met a young girl, Alice Cogswell, while going place to place teaching kids. Alice, who was deaf and mute, inspired Thomas to go to England to be a principal of a deaf school. That is one reason why Thomas is my favorite deaf person, because he met a deaf kid and wanted to help and do more for other deaf kids when he could have just moved on.

During his time in England, he had private lessons with Laurent Clerc. Thomas asked Laurent if he would go back to America with him. Thomas and Laurent went back to America and established American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut. Thomas established the first deaf school in America. Thomas used the signs he learned in England so he could teach the kids.

Thomas made a difference for deaf people. They could communicate and prosper in society. If Thomas didn’t meet Alice, he probably never would have gone to England to help out the deaf and establish an American deaf school. My favorite deaf person would definitely be Thomas because of his great influence he had on impacting deaf kids and helping them in society.