Under-estimating Others Only Means Over-estimating Your Knowledge Of Them

by Janeel Hew

(Molokai, Hawaii)

In the silence of the night I do my best thinking and creating. The noise of the world is a distraction at times. The wisdom from within is most active for me in the calm silence.

When we go into the Library; we see a sign that asks us to stay quiet. I like that sign!

So, if the brain can be fed most efficiently with out the distractions of outside noise…would it really be wise to underestimate the intelligence of one who can not hear? I think not!

I have an Aunt who can hear very little. Yet, she is the smartest, deepest, most talented, and loving person I know. She is so humble and would give her last dime to someone in need. I get so very frustrated when people act like she not in the room while they are talking, and treat her like she doesn’t have anything important to say. I know her better than her own children. And if they can underestimate her like they do; then they only think they know her. And are missing out on a wealth of wisdom.

Some of the wisest and deepest thinkers tend to choose their wording carefully. And most of us that can hear, take words for granted. There is not a word that was not meant to be understood. Be it in signing or speaking; we learn from one another. No one person can speak for everyone. We can only think we know someone if we don’t take the time to learn from them.

My Aunt has told me on more then one occasion that she sometimes feels like she is just a shadow to them…ask yourselves this… “When we underestimate others; who’s really in the dark?

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Mar 27, 2011

deep thinker

by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your post. I am considering learning asl and have seriously wondered how deep of a conversation I could have with a deaf person. I am excited to learn! This has really helped put aside some fears I had. Thanks again. You seem like a lovely person and very insightful. Adrienne

Mar 01, 2011

Have you ever thought about being a professional advocate!

by: Anonymous

You Rock!! and I KNOW your aunt is as proud of you as you are of her! I know I am :-). So, keep your light from within shining bright for your auntie and maybe you can guide her children out of their darkness… into the sweet sound of silence.
*Warm Hearts*

Oct 29, 2010


by: Desirae

I really liked this comment. Thanks for sharing, the analogy was brilliant.


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