Vocabulary Blackboard Game

by Brenda Dawe


Divide group into 3 and line up right angle to blackboard

Vocab cards (scattered upside down on table at left of Line 1) are selected in turns, signed to front person in group 2 who then writes the word on the board.

When word is written, front person in line 3 (all of whom are turned away and not seeing the word signed) is tapped, looks at the word and then writes the Dominant and Passive hand shapes.

Each “On” person has chance to verify their decisions with other team players before involving next line. When all agree word and handshapes match, front persons move to back of line.

Once each person has played in that line, 1 moves to position 2, 2 moves to 3, and 3 moves to position 1.

Game continues to predetermined time. (I play this game as a review before midterm exams on vocabulary and handshapes. With ASL II, we add Palm Orientation to line 3’s task, and with ASL III, we add movement. Tests include 2 parameters for II and 3 for III.) Students love this game.

Have fun!


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