Wearing hearing aids

by Dj


People in general can be mean. People speak kinda loud just because I wear hearing aids. They say, Can you hear me? When a person walks up to me they ask, Are you deaf? It is just so rude. I tell them I’m deaf but not all the way. I can’t hear everything but I’m not deaf. They say, so you’re hearing impaired and I say no. I get really mad at that.

Hearing people treat people who are Deaf kinda mean and they need to know the difference between asking a question and being rude. That’s what I gotta say. I like wearing hearing aids and signing ASL and if you have a problem, oh well.

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Nov 10, 2012

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by: Brenda Dawe

DJ… BRAVO for taking this stance against being labelled “hearing impaired”. I preach this to my students each semester (college level ASL). The first chapter of vocabulary includes the three terms of HEARING, DEAF, HARD OF HEARING. I tell them these are the only terms necessary.

Kudos also for claiming your identity … it is not up to others to tell us we are only this or that… We are ALL many pieces of a quilt that apart from the whole would be just scrap in a pile, but God took all those bits and weaved them together to make a beautiful warm covering that is YOU.

I have been teaching and interpreting for over 20 years, married to deaf man for almost 50 years and have seen so much… explored so much … about deafness, history, culture, and the diversity of all people affected/blessed with hearing loss. I advocate for deaf and hard of hearing..for signers and those who don’t.

The joy in life is being at peace within ourselves and to embrace the unity of body, mind, and soul…and to wrap ourselves up in our own unique quilt.

hugs, Brenda


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