William “Dummy” Hoy: Deaf Wonder

March 8, 2013
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by Andrew


It makes me sad when I see or hear about others mistreating the deaf. It shocks me to know that there was a time that they were not accepted.

However, it warms my heart to see a plethora of people making their mark for deaf people; some of them even for the blind as well. But out of all of these I managed to pick one favorite–William “Dummy” Hoy.

What first attracted me to him was the fact that he was a sports player. I’ve always had a thing for sports, especially baseball. I just think that it is amazing how someone could affect the sports system so much. I think that it is great to see people break barriers. He was basically a deaf Jackie Robinson. Just like Jackie Robinson, he paved the way for others of his kind and changed the way that the sport was played forever.

All people are different, and accepting them is something that we all need to do. I’m glad to see that over the years, we have learned this. Integration of all people is a worldwide goal I would be happy to see, and it’s always good to see different people step up to the plate to make it happen.


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