William Ellsworth Hoy (Dummy Hoy)

June 12, 2015
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by Anonymous

With all the people that have made a huge impact on the world with the deaf culture it is hard to just pick one. But I was able to pick one out. It is William Ellsworth Hoy (Dummy Hoy). The reason I pick him is because before he went deaf he had a dream of being a baseball player but when he was a child he got sick and lost his hearing. However, he did not let that slow him down with his dream.

I love that because he reminds me that no matter what happens you can still achieve your dreams–it just may be that you have to take another road. In 1901 he made history by hitting the first grand-slam home run. He is the one that inspired the players and coaches and umpires to all start using signals to indicate what happened in the game when the umpire would shout what happened whether it was a strike a ball or something other than that.

In 1951 he was the first player to be entered in the American Athletic Association for the Deaf’s Hall of Fame and in 1961 he died at age 99, and till this day people are fighting to have him in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I loved reading about him because he did so much and he never let any of his dreams be destroyed because of an illness that left him deaf.


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