William Hoy

March 8, 2013
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by Emma Hill

(Seaside Oregon)

It was so neat to read about William Hoy. I hadn’t known about him until reading this account of deaf history, which is really well written by the way. It was short, but so full of pertinent information. I think you’re absolutely right, it is amazing that he’s not better known. I guess I always wondered about the signs made in the game of baseball, and now I understand. I think it’s people like this that really have made history for the deaf community. It’s the different roles and activities in life that have been represented by someone in the community that make it more and more aware to all the equality of man, hearing or deaf. Hoy is one of those people. I’m sure he had an interesting, long and difficult road to get where he got. (I’m excited to read more of his history.)

I was also very happy to know more about all of these people that played a part in the forming of sign language. I can’t imagine how excited the deaf community must have been to finally come together in a place of their peers to further their education and finally be able to prove their intelligence to the people around them. It’s so disgusting to think of the oppression deaf generations much earlier in time had endured.


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