William Stokoe

March 8, 2013
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by Griselle Merced

(Wichita Falls, TX )

I have to say that many of them deserve a recognition, but I will say that William Stokoe took it to the next level, fighting for the rights of the Deaf Community letting the hearing world know like other countries have their own language Deaf people have their own and we need to respect that. Instead of molding them to our convenience, we should learn about them and from them.

Why can’t we for once try to work hard and learn their language instead of trying to bring them into our world. We don’t like to work hard, we try to work the least possible. I bet they think the same way, why should we try to please the hearing ones.

My first language is Spanish, I came to the United States 25 years ago. It was hard but the language did not defeat me, to the contrary, everyday is a challenge for me. I took Sign Language as an elective, and I tell you, I am in love and I would like to learn more, but there are not that many Deaf people around for me to socialize with. I would love to be more involved.

And now looking at myself, I can tell you we don’t have anything on them. I love to sign, don’t like to fingerspell, but love to sign, and will continue to learn at all opportunities.

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Apr 13, 2010

Thank you!

by: Michelle Jay – Webmaster

Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂


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