Cochlear Implant Part 2: Cochlear Implant Users in the Real-World

** Note: Cochlear implants can be viewed as both positive and negative perspectives depending on the people. Hearing people view cochlear implants as to help deaf people hear and to […]

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Peyton Freeman                                                                                                          July 26, 2021   Research Paper on ASL Thomas Gallaudet started the first American school for the deaf in 1817. With the help of Laurent Clerc, his […]

Cochlear Implant Part 1: What are Cochlear Implants and How Do They Work?

Have you ever wondered how cochlear implants function and how they help people hear? There are two parts to wearing a cochlear implant. The first part is the internal implant […]

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Brady Thompson ASL I 7-22-21 Research Paper   Webster’s dictionary defines poetry as “writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chose and arranged to create a […]

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The Wonderful World of the Deaf Winter Coulter 7-20-21 When you think of Deaf history, you might just think about the history in America. However, when it comes to deafness, […]

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James Coulter ASL Grade 11 Research Paper 20 July 2021 Thomas Gallaudet: Creator Of ASL (Not Sign Language) Sign language is a globally known type of language, but how did […]

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Brendan Curran 7-19-21 “Connecting the Dots”, is a documentary that follows a man who encounters a blind/deaf man one day at a crosswalk and sets out to create a film […]

Ramona Routley 7-19-21   Historically, most deaf were thought to be intellectually impaired.  However as we’ve learned through brain research, the brain needs a structure from which to run, maybe […]

Deaf History Was a Long and Difficult Journey

by Corbin Dick | March 2021 The history of the deaf is a long and difficult one.  Beginning back with Aristotle, the deaf were judged as “unable to lean or […]

Effects of Hearing Loss on the Elderly

by Kyle Kivett | 11 July 2020 Chances are, someone you love has hearing loss. “Approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, […]

Deaf-Owned Businesses

  Deaf-owned businesses and American Sign Language (ASL) are spreading and becoming widely popular. There are many Deaf-owned business all over the country. Here are some Deaf business that you […]

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Vanessa Connett 7/7/21 ASL 1/ Research Paper   Benefits to Learning Signed Language: A Global Perspective   20 years ago I was a sophomore in college and realized that I […]

Cochlear Implant Surgery and the Controversy Surrounding It

by Sage Herr | 9 July 2021 Getting cochlear implant surgery is controversial in the Deaf community. However, it might seem to outsiders as a confusing and one-sided debate. Why […]

The Pandemic’s Impact on Kids in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities

by Anonymous This pandemic has had so many people struggling in different ways, but when I read this article, it really opened up my eyes to how those in the […]

American Sign Language Syntax

The definition of homonyms in spoken English mean two or more words having the same spelling or pronunciation meanings or origins, but they all have completely different meanings. Instead of […]