No Baby Sign Language DVD Needed!

Step 12 – Conclusion

Many parents buy a baby sign language DVD or many books to learn what you have learned in these 12 steps. You have learned so much already without buying either of those!

However, if you do wish to learn more than what we have offered here, we highly recommend buying one. A baby sign language DVD is not free, but they are often well made and offer different perspectives and information. All of our baby sign language DVD recommendations can be found on our Best Sign Language Video Recommendations page.

By now, you have the knowledge and resources to talk to your child about a multitude of objects, places, people, desires, actions, letters, activities, colors, and numbers.

You now know the difference between need-based signs and signs that excite your child and have chosen a handful of each to teach your baby. If you want to find even more signs to share with your child, you can find them in our ASL Dictionary.

You have also learned to not get discouraged while you are teaching your child sign language. It may take a while for your child to pick up on it, but if you stay consistent, your work will definitely pay off!

You also know how great it is to involve your caregivers, family, and friends in signing with your baby. Not only is it fun, but it’s great for your baby to be exposed to signing in different environments with different people.

You have also learned that your child learns speech by using the Telegraphic Speech pattern. When your child starts combining signs and words, you are now able to speak more complex sentences and sign the main nouns, verbs, and adjectives of the sentences.

You have also learned the most effective way of relieving your child’s stress–by asking what he wants help with so he can try to sign what he wants so you understand. This would never happen if you didn’t teach him signs!

You also know that introducing the alphabet, colors, and numbers when your child is around 18 months to 2 years old is definitely possible and extremely fun and educational!

You also know that you can continue signing with your child even after he reaches toddler age. You can also choose to stop at this point if you just wanted to use sign language as a way for your child to communicate before he could speak. You can use this time to start teaching your child ASL as a second language or just to teach him more and more signs to facilitate more spoken words.

You have also learned that finding other signing parents can be extremely beneficial for both you and your child. You also know where to look for them!

Wow! You have learned a whole lot in these 12 steps without having to buy a baby sign language DVD or books!

This truly is an exciting time for you and your child. You have found the way to relieve your child’s frustration and I’m sure that he or she will be very thankful. You have taken a big and loving step for your child and you should be very proud of yourself!

During these steps, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your baby as much as you can!

Happy Signing!

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  1. I love you gals and guys for being so helpful. This site has been such a big help in getting me started with sign language with my baby. Thanks a ton! <3

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