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Step 6 – More Signs

Moving on from basic signs you learned in Step 3, choose some secondary words from the vocabulary link below. Try to branch out a little more from the first words you learned and more closely point out the world your baby is growing into:

=> Baby Sign Language Vocabulary

You can also choose to use some of these words in the initial handful of signs you choose to begin with. Remember, look at these steps as suggestions, it is not absolutely necessary to follow them exactly.

Some of these signs may require you to form your hand into a handshape from the manual alphabet. See my American Sign Language Alphabet page to see these handshapes.

These signs are also more advanced for your baby. Your baby might not be able to perfectly form her hand into the sign just yet. Just stay consistent with signing the sign correctly, and your baby’s hands will perfect themselves over time.

Have a Baby Sign Language Success Story?

If you have had success with baby sign language, please share your experience! So many parents are unaware of the true success of signing with your baby.

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