March 8, 2013
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by Harsh Vardhan


Hi, I am Mrs. Nehal Harsh Vardhan, and I am a resident of INDIA. I have a baby girl, her name is Aanya. She is just seven months old and believe me she is an angel.

Initially I was having lot of problems understanding her signs, because she was my first baby I was a fresher to new born. Whenever she cried I was very confused that what is her need, what is bothering her; I checked her diaper, fed her, checked her body and searched her bed for any bugs or ants. So, this was becoming a pain for me and sometimes I also got irritated.

But, finally I came to know about this baby sign language. In the beginning it was a little bit hard but I continued to communicate with her through signs. Surprisingly, it just took a month and then she started communicating with me. Now I don’t have any problems. I know when is she hungry, when to change her diaper, when she wants to play and we started becoming friends.

Now everyone asks my secret that how is my baby so quiet all the time. How do you know what the baby needs. So, I am teaching everyone this cool trick and hope they learn fast and teach others.


Nov 13, 2009


by: Michelle Jay

What a great story! It’s so wonderful that baby sign language was able to help you communicate with each other 🙂


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